How Boys Learn

I don't know if I've got this right, and I'm certainly no expert, but boys are pretty different from a lot of ways.
So if boys play different, eat different, and pee different, then I'm pretty sure they learn different too.
I'm guessing I could read a book to the boys all day long about how to hammer and drill, but it would never sink in, not completely.
But when their hands grasp the hammer and they strain to tighten screws then their confidence grows in their knowledge on that subject.
Not that they are expert carpenters yet, but they have the experience to be able to say what it feels like to pound a nail or stroke a paint brush and that builds a confidence that sitting at a desk could never do.
I think boys like the surprise learning hidden in nailing 4 nails in, then pulling out three, how many are left? (Math). Or making up rhymes as we swipe the paint (English).
So you won't find a lot of traditional pre-school around here. We've got a man-school going on where you'll find these guys with a screwdriver in one hand and their crayons in the other as we cover basic concepts.
I've got a feeling school for us will continue to evolve over the years as their interests and personalities do as well. But I'm pretty sure it will always include hands on, hands in, and maybe a toolbox :)


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