To say that Harrison has had it rough would be putting it mildly. Over the past three weeks, he has had pneumonia, allergies, a busted lip, slammed his finger in the door turning the nail purple, had all things GI related, an in-grown toenail which had to be drained by the doctor with a needle, croup, and an ear infection. In the last three weeks we have been to the doctor five times, had two strep tests (which were negative, yay!), four chest x-rays, the needle punctured mentioned above, and six different medications. Call me indulgent, but I think when my little guy toughs all that out with the best of attitudes and keeps on smiling and being sweet like nothing is amiss, he deserves a little spoiling!
It is a blast to spoil this little guy! I absolutely love looking out for things that would make his little face beam with excitement. These days that smile appears with all things "trackors!" So when I saw this set of tractors I couldn't pass them up!
So my coughing, sniffing, aching, smiling little man has been "clearing land" and "paving roads" all day with his "trackors". Pretty productive for a sick guy.


  1. Poor little guy! I'd say some spoiling was in order too! Hope that he feels better and stays healthy for a good long time! :)


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