The Baby on the Bus Metro Moves All Around

This past weekend we took a family day trip to Washington, D.C. We had a wonderful day filled with many firsts, including a first Metro experience for Harrison.
This guy was thrilled to be on the "choo-choo". Believe me, we tried to explain that this wasn't a choo-choo, but when he's convinced you are just wasting your breath :)
He had to find his perfect seat. He tried a side window seat and he tried standing and holding on to the pole but I guess those were not what he wanted.
And so he searched to find a seat that was just right. One thing about this little man is that he knows what he likes and won't stop until he finds it.
And so he seat hopped around the Metro-which was almost completely empty thank goodness.
And finally decided mommy's lap with his airplane blanket was just right!


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