Pool Boy

With the amazing weather we have had, Harrison has been loving his pool he got for his birthday from a few of his aunts. Who would have thought that April would be pool weather? Here's how my little water lover enjoys his pool time... Don't worry Mom, I can fill up my pool all by myself... Ok, now let's see, how do I get this to work? Haha! Got you all wet Mom! Now I have to get all my water toys in there... ...and of course you have to check the water temperature to see that it's not too cold...
...perfect for wading. I'm like my Mom- I hate just jumping into the water, I have to ease in...
...or you can slip and that gets you eased in real fast! Then it's the good life... ...of splashing... and more splashing in the sun!


  1. I am so glad he likes it! Its fun to see him using it, even if it is April! Go fig! Great post! Love ya!


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