Looking Glass

To a very hands-on little boy, an aquarium is a hard place to figure out... ...because the wall of glass between him and the objects of his curiosity kept getting in the way...
...kept him from jumping in the water... ...and swimming with the fish... ...and from bringing this turtle home with us (we had a hard time pulling Harrison away from this turtle-he loved him!) But on the flip side, the glass kept the turtles safe... ...the hermit crabs unscathed... ...and the fish untasted by Harrison's ever present curiosity.
I for one am grateful on the account of both partied involved for the glass separating Harrison and the rattlesnakes. And because of glass we were able to see an underwater view of the otters, which Harrison preferred to the view above water! I'd have to say Harrison soon found the benefits of the glass and fell in love even more with the aquarium!


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