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Being creative through crafts is in my blood. My mom ran the arts and crafts every year of Bible school my whole childhood. She can sew, create, design, and "whip up" a dress out of thin air. But for some reason this bloodline fizzled out with me. She tried to teach me to sew and that ended with both us pulling our hair out, but I learned some basics. I guess it just took some time for the seeds sown by my mom to grow. Now I keep seeing all these projects that keep getting my attention, ideas keep popping into my head, and frankly I'm scaring myself with this new found desire.
This is one of my new projects-freezer paper stenciling. I guess I love this so much because I can buy a boring cheap t-shirt and change it into something custom and unique for pennies!
So I admit, I am no where near my mom's creativity, talent, or abilities, but it's a start. And at least Harrison has a one of kind shirt that just happens to make his blue eyes pop!


  1. Aw...I love it! :) I am not so crafty...but I love to try. I remember your mom working in Bible school. Those were such fun memories of growing up! :)

  2. That is so cute! I absolutely love it.


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