Two Month Check-Up!

We just got back from Harrison's two month check-up. He did amazing! He talked to the nurses and did not fuss at all for the doctor as she poked and prodded all over him. He was given a clean bill of health along with several remarks of how advanced he is. She said his level of alertness, talking, and motor skills are more along the lines of a four month old! We already know this is some special guy, but it was nice to hear it from his pediatrician too!

Harrison's Stats-
Height: 22 inches
Weight: 12 1/2 pounds
Head Circumference: 15 inches
On my way to my first check-up!
The doctor checking me out and I'm telling her all about everything I know!

Making sure I can track with my eyes- of course I can, but I played along with her game.
I took my shot bravely! I did cry, but I'm happy now and showing mom what a tough guy I am. But what was that nurse thinking? She gave me a silver glitter band-aid!
I'm a man-give me something more manly!


  1. Yes, definately the silver glitzy ban-daid HAS to go! PLEASE tell me you have some sport or animal or character ban-daids in that house?! If not I am on my way to the drugstore...
    Just kidding! I love you little man...or not so little! :)


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