I Don't Feel Good

Harrison has his first cold! He is so brave though. Even when he can't breath because of the congestion or coughing he tries to smile and talk to us. He is our sweetheart! We have spent countless time sitting in the bathroom with the hot shower running, or just cuddling with our little guy. Those of you who know Harrison's personality know that this guy does not regularly cuddle! His daddy is also sick. It seems Harrison not only looks like his dad, likes to play with his dad, and talk to his dad, he also likes to do everything just like dad- include get sick at the same time! Get well soon my handsome men!

It's hard to breath and suck my pacifier at the same time- I'm trying to be sweet, but it sometimes frustrates me!
Trying to still talk to mom and give her a little smile.

That's it! I've had enough of this sick business!

Finally asleep after two baths (because of spit-up), three outfit changes (also due to spit-up), two hours of walking the halls with mom, hearing all of the songs mom and dad know how to sing, one dose of Tylenol, 2 vaporizer refills, and a few of my own protests!


  1. poor little guy! i hope he feels better soon! <3

  2. Bless him's little heart! I do hope (confident expectation) that he and Matt will be better soon! Love & prayers! Mom/Mi-Mi


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