Harrison's Sixth Week

We are so blessed with our happy and handsome little man. Here is a glimpse into Harrison's week six.

Sleeping- a growing boy needs his rest!
More sleeping- this time in my new booster chair at the table with Mom and Dad

Awake, finally, in my chair. Waiting patiently while Mom and Dad eat breakfast
Smiling at my goofy Mom
Laughing at my goofy mom-the more I laugh, the goofier Mom gets!

Dad and me having an important talk-we are discussing how smart I am

Dad, you're awesome! He is my Buddy! I love talking "shop" with Dad!


  1. Down at the station early in the morning, see the little puffer bellies all in a row... look at that puffer belly! I love it!

  2. hehe, he such a cutie! love the puffer too!!!


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