Feeling Better and Growing Up

Harrison is feeling better and back on the move, well, he wants to be! He is laughing and talking more and more every day. We are having a blast with our little guy! His new favorites are watching daddy shave every morning, playing peekaboo (well, watching us play peekaboo!), and he is fascinated watching us eat- he just stares at us putting the forks and spoons in our mouths then he smacks his lips! So soon he will be eating solids himself! He is growing fast!

Taking a nap with Dad one of the days we were both sick.

I love looking out the window! Being outside and looking outside are my favorites!

My handsome face- I know how to ham it up for the camera!

That's a funny joke mom!
I have the best laugh in the whole world-(that's what mom and dad think)
My bumbo seat rocks! I think I am all grown up when I get to sit in it! I am Mr. Independent already!


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