Harrison is Ready!

Our little guy definitely told the midwife yesterday that he is ready to meet us! I am now 80% effaced and his head is at +1 station, which basically means, he wants out! It has been so much fun preparing for, praying for, and falling in love with this baby, now we are days away from having him in our arms! I've noticed a lot of changes physically- like I feel really heavy lower on my belly, more pressure, things like that. But I have noticed more changes I guess emotionally. I feel antsy and have butterflies all at once all the time. I'm still nesting, but find myself feeling a little more tired throughout the day than I was even a few days ago. Matt says he feels different too, like the calm before the storm type thing. He says it is a constant feeling of something big coming very soon and it makes him feel antsy too! We are just so at peace and content- nothing it seems can stress us out right now, which is really funny because I thought I would be stressed at this point trying to figure out all the little details.

We are trying to fill our days so our minds are not focused on wondering if this is the day. I still walk/jog several miles a day, we spend some time playing games and such in the evenings. We get together with friends a lot- all of which makes the time go by faster. Oh, this is weird- something new that has happened over the past 3-4 days is that I get insatiably hungry at the weirdest times of the day! I could have just had lunch or it has sometimes been midnight, or even 1 AM and I need food! So far toast, hotdogs, and sherbert have answered the need just fine, but it is very weird.

Harrison is such a blessing and his life even at its earliest has already taught us so much. This pregnancy has been one of the most amazing growing times for Matt and me. As of late, we just keep feeling God's hand of blessing over us and our son as the Provider for all of our needs. We have recently committed all our finances(income, savings accounts, investments, student loans, etc.) to God. While hard at first to surrender what we thought was best, God has provided beyond our own plans for ourselves. In just the past 7 weeks of actively praying over every dollar and living financially for Christ, we have been able to pay off loans and debts we did not see being able to do for years to come. It is amazing how God can multiply and spread a dollar just by surrendering to His will. He has provided for Harrison in ways we never thought we would be able to. Even today, a knock on the door revealed a UPS delivery from one of Matt's co-workers. She surprised us with Harrison's highchair seat! It is just amazing how God has His hands on the little intricate details and the big events. God is good- all the time!

Harrison, we grow in our anticipation and longing to hold you so soon. We look forward to telling you about how much we love you, your extended family loves you, and how much Jesus loves you. We want you to know how special your life is and will continue to be and how much God has laid His hand on you already! We love you!


  1. Amen! I cant agree with you more! We too love little Harrison and are so blessed to have seen how God has brought all things together for His glory!

  2. God is amazing in His blessings to yall. We have so enjoying watching the updates and praying with and for yall. Know it won't be long now for a new update. We are praying!


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