Getting Ready!

We keep looking back over this pregnancy thinking about how much has happened in the last nine months and we are blown away; at the same time it has flown by! It is exciting, yet scary about how fast time really does go. We are officially on the count down! I don't want to get my hopes up at all, but the midwife seems to think this little guy will not wait to much longer to make his appearance! She is guessing he will be earlier than later, which is exciting! He is definitely a little spunky guy though. He is VERY active and loves playing with Daddy. Harrison gets so hyper when he hears his Daddy's voice at night when he comes home or is just talking nearby. It is really cute! He also hates contractions! He somewhat did this back when I was in preterm labor, but now he is bigger and I can feel his protesting kicks even more! At this point in pregnancy it is normal to experience increased contractions throughout the day. After each contraction, he kicks the daylights out of my tummy as if to show my uterus who is boss. He doesn't like his space invaded with the muscles squeezing him! It is funny now, but might make labor a real treat! :) At least we are already getting a glimpse of this little guys personality! He will definitely make life full and exciting!
We are all packed for the birthing center and ready to go, except for a few last minute essentials. It was so much fun packing Harrison's bag! We got to pick out the little outfits, and hat, and onesies for our guy. It was just so neat to fold them up knowing we would be dressing our infant son in them in just a few short weeks! Matt and I can hardly contain our excitement and are more than ready to meet Harrison face to face. We are ready to fill our arms with him! Just about two weeks until our due date and we are giddy with anticipation!


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