Finding Mommy

 How my boys have come to define pregnancy brain:
One day this past week we were rushing out the door.
This is normal for us, it doesn't matter if it's a sports practice, Bible study, a dentist appointment, or grocery shopping. 
It's a flurry of shoes on, coats on, water bottles, gym bags, snacks, etc. all the while the clock is ticking. And no matter how organized I try to be, I always forget something, it's even worse with preggo brain. 
So on this particular morning of rushing to make an appointment on time, Harrison asked if we were running late again. 
"Actually", I assure him, "we are right on time!" His face did not mirror my excitement. "Mom, that's only if you don't forget something again and we have to turn around and come back. That's kinda what always happens."
"That's not what always happens, sometimes, but not all the time." He shook his head as I continued tying Madison's shoes and buttoning Wilson's coat. "Mom, you're kinda like Dory lately."
"What?!" I asked not following. 
Jefferson had been listening close by and quickly came to explain and agree with Harrison. 
"You're like Dory Mom," Jefferson laid his hand on my shoulder to deliver the rest of the news, "You have short term memory loss." 


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