My Country Tis of Thee

Our July 4th started cloudy, gloomy, cold, and rainy. 
Not sure if "bombs bursting in air" was going to be on the agenda so we did the next best thing and went to Chick-Fil-A. 
Once we got the two younger kiddos in bed the rain let up enough to give Matt the idea to run and grab some last minute fireworks from a parking lot vendor. 
Even though it was misting the entire time, it wasn't enough to dampen fuses or excitement. 
The big boys stayed up hours past their bedtime with Matt making all kinds of explosions and flames. It was better than Christmas morning. 
They both agreed America's birthday is one of the best and they wished we could celebrate it more often. 
In light of all the darkness in our country it's hard to celebrate watching the direction we are headed as a nation. It's hard to know what kind of country these sparkler wielding boys will be growing up in. 
But I do know this, I know this country's birthday is celebrated because remarkable men and women of God took an incredibly bold stand and some even lost their lives. They persevered to provided their children's children one nation under God, and so will we. 
America needs more warriors on their knees willing to take incredibly bold stands for Christ. And that's what we celebrate, even in this dark and heavy time, the strength we find on our knees before the throne of God in a country we are free to do so. 
God Bless America.


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