A Whole Hand Birthday Interview

Jefferson's official birthday interview!
What's your favorite color: Blue!
What's your favorite toy: My Captain America shield and mask
What's your favorite movie: Baymax!
What's your favorite food: Well, I do like those peas, and oh yeah, donuts! Those are special treats I like!
What is your favorite game: uh, how about tag!
What is your favorite snack? goldfish! 
What's your favorite song: You know what that is, Jesus is my Superhero! 
What's your favorite book: Star Wars ones, all of them!
Who's your best friend: My brothers, my whole family!
What's your favorite thing to play outside: Shoot my rocket up!
What do you want to be when you grow up: A doctor, a doctor that takes care of kids.
What's your favorite holiday: Christmas, because we get to celebrate God!
What's your favorite thing to sleep with: My blue!
What's your birthday meal: It's going to be Chick-a-Fway or the chip place (Chipotle). 
What's your favorite thing to eat for breakfast?: Bagel with honey
What's your favorite thing to watch on TV: The Lego Avengers one on Netflix!
What's your favorite fruit: Blueberries! All the blueberries!
What's your favorite animal: It's in the ocean, it's a shark, a whale shark. They're nice. 
What's your favorite thing to drink: Root beer in the glass bottles (IBC), it's my favorite. But I really like coffee and lattes too! 
What's your favorite Bible verse: The Sword sword! (Hebrews 4:12) I love that one! 
Jefferson, where do I start? You leave me speechless, truly. You are such a consistently caring, detailed, protector that I just catch my breath sometimes watching you hardly able to believe God chose me to be your Momma. You make us so proud as we watch the decisions you make to serve and honor God and your family. You are such a patient and gentle teacher to your younger siblings.
You have the best, deepest grin that makes the whole room brighter and a laugh that's contagious. You're brave and love working on your muscles. I call you my Cap because you are a Captain America. Your heart is huge towards others and you give selflessly. You love pistachios by the pound and climbing to the highest point of the playground. We love your whole being with all of ours Jefferson! We are so proud of you and the man you are becoming! Happy 5th Birthday to you our Jefferson! We love you! 


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