Happy Birthday Jefferson, M.D.

 Jefferson has been gifted with a very gentle, calming, and discerning character. 
This comes through with the way he interacts with siblings and friends by being the one to sacrifice a favorite toy, give up the last special treat, or let everyone go ahead of him. 
 He is also quick to rush in whenever he perceives someone is upset or not feeling well. 
 His baby sister can't get out more than a few tearful sobs before he is by her side trouble shooting the situation. 
 His natural bent to listen, care, and protect has been coming through in his desire to be a doctor one day. 
 He has decided he wants to be "a doctor that takes care of kids." And there's no doubt in this world that he will be incredible at it if that is indeed the path God has planned for him. 
 So in light of his career passion, he requested a doctor themed birthday party months ago and sent us whirling into a creative frenzy to come up with doctor themed party ideas. 
 My sister once again pulled from her own creativity and with the help of our nurse Mamaw and other great ideas from family we created Jefferson the doctor party he had envisioned. 
 He had his own clinic with bandages and gauze, a stethoscope and tongue depressors. Not sure all he diagnosed that day, but every one of his patients ended up wrapped in some kind of bandage. 
His talented aunt made him his dream doctor cake complete with "medicine" and a syringe. 
 He was surrounded by incredible family and friends who have watched him grow these past five years into the little man he is as he opened presents and blew out candles. 
 We had a blast celebrating this incredible guy and his doctor themed party! We can't wait to see how God uses the personality we are seeing in our Jeff. It's been a rich five years and we can't wait for all that's ahead as we watch him grow in wisdom, stature, and favor with God and men! 


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