One Year Madison!

Happy Birthday my beautiful little girl!
Today you are one year old and you take my breath away.
You turned our world upside down and everyone one of us are so grateful you did!
This past year has taught the boys gentleness and how to cherish the little sister in their lives. 
They've also taught you how to sword fight, wrestle, and spit. I'm sorry. 
You are in size three diapers, can wear 9 month-18 month clothes depending on the maker, you hate wearing socks and shoes, and not a fan of bows, but had no problem with your princess crown. 
You love reading books with Mommy, making Wils scream by stealing his food when he's not paying attention, having Jefferson and Harrison sing to you, and anything your Daddy says or does. 
You love being outside but you don't like being dirty. You want your hands washed right away after eating or playing outside. 
You are crawling, fast. You are cruising everywhere and get into impossible predicaments, but with three older brothers there's always someone nearby to come to your rescue. 
You can climb the stairs faster than light and disappear up to your room to rock your babydoll and dump out your dresser drawers. 
Because you don't like anything to stay in a drawer, in a cabinet, folded neatly, stacked, or organized. 
You are getting so good at communicating with us and able to sign for water, milk, more please, all done, yes, and no. You say Dada, Mama, Bubba, light, on, yum, bye, and you for "I love you." 
You have ditched baby food and fallen head over heal in love with the culinary world. 
You love sautéed chicken in garlic and herbs. You love sunflower seed butter sandwiches and grapes. You'd eat your weight in steamed veggies, whole wheat muffins, olives, raisins, oatmeal, and grilled vegetables. 
You've recently discovered mac n' cheese, pickles, chocolate chip cookies, and steak. 
You'd be happy if every day started with scrambled eggs and ended with something grilled. You and I get along great!
You are and have always been so laid back and sweet. You ditch your naps frequently in order to keep  up with big brothers and you never are grumpy about it later. 
You are fine eating on the go, riding in a cart seat, walking around the zoo, museums, DC, hanging out in doctor's offices or Daddy's office. 
Madison, you are our blessing and we couldn't imagine life without you. We had no idea what our world look like with you in it, but it has been so richly blessed!
A year ago we cuddled our tiny infant swaddled against our chests. Today we see glimpses of the young lady you are growing to be and we couldn't be more in love with you! 
To our sweet precious baby girl, may you continue to grow in wisdom, and stature, and favor with God and man! Happy Birthday Madison! We love you! 


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