Once Upon A Madison

This post will consist of a ton of pictures...
...a ton of pink...
...and a ton of creativity and giving hearts that made this beautiful party for our Madison. 
This is the very first girl party we've ever been able to do so we went all girl. 
There was pink and gold, tiaras and lace, flowers and fairy tales, and sugar and spice. 
It was crafted, designed, set up, baked, decorated, laid out, arranged, and conducted by lots of family who love this little girl to pieces. 
The rain even stopped for one morning so her party could be outside...
...which when it comes to toddlers and cake is always a good thing. 
Actually when it comes to toddlers and most anything, outside is the cleaner and safer option, at least for furniture and floors. 
Asides from the incredible family pitching in for days ahead of the party to create and design, Madison's big brothers also joined in to help. 
They were more than eager to provide their best present opening tips. 
And when Madison would seem tired of opening presents they were so kind to jump in and take over the task.
They graciously brought her the wrapped gifts...  
...and then selflessly tested out some of the presents to make sure they were of optimal enjoyment for their baby sister. 
It's a good thing Madison loves her big brothers and their nonstop entertainment. 
With their help she made it through opening presents before hamming it up for a few pictures. 
And pictures from this party will always bring up some unique memories from the weekend. 
Because the week before her party, Miss Madison was covered in chicken pox. 
We didn't know if her party would happen. 
But she was a trooper and navigated through beautifully!  
So scabbed up chicken pox and all the party went on and those cute little scars will always be a fun memory. 
They didn't seem to bother her at all, except for a few less smiles and spunkiness, she totally didn't seem to mind a day all about her. 
And we are so grateful for family and friends that didn't mind about chicken pox or chancing rain to be a part of her day either. 
We couldn't have done this party without our amazing family. 
And Madison is a blessed little lady to have the privilege of growing up with the extended family she has surrounding her and pouring into her. 
We can't wait for all the future parties down the road, all the pink and sparkles, and gold and glitter. 
But for this day, I couldn't have imagined it better, and it was a very happy, "once upon a Madison" birthday. :) 


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