Discipleship in Safety

With a very real enemy out to steal, kill, and destroy, it is our very real duty as parents to raise up warriors who are wise to his ways and equipped to fight. 
I cannot and they cannot hide behind fear and uncertainty, because if we do, the enemy has already gotten a stronghold. 
I pray in the face of danger my kids aren't standing paralyzed by doubt of what to do, but they are galvanized to act by the training and skills they have been learning. 
This is why it is crucial for Godly parents to realize safety and discipleship go hand in hand. Satan is out prowling in multiple forms. 
When someone has been equipped spiritually to combat in prayer and resist fear, while applying physical skills of reacting to an emergency or danger then they are a two-fold threat to the tactics of the enemy. 
Discipling in safety combines prayer, scripture memory, and life saving survival skills. The kids and I will have "safety school" a few times a week and review and learn ways to stand firm and stay safe. 
It's important that any discussions we have are done without fear or doubt, though we discuss some very fearful topics. The full weight of some things is left out and I'll add it in as little guys get older and stronger to carry the heavier weight of this dark world. 
But for now we've been able to study all kinds of skills like how to preform CPR, the Heimlich maneuver, fire drills, how to call 911, how to escape from a car if you're trapped, what to do if someone is trying to take you, what to do if something happens to Mommy, and active shooter drills like Run, Hide, or Fight.
We've also begun to talk about sexual predators. This is a very hard concept for me to look into these innocent faces and wonder if this is possibly something they need to learn right now. But I know beyond a shadow of a doubt this is absolutely something they need to learn right now. 
Most victims are the very young ages of my little guys and as long as I have breath my children will know how to defend, speak up, and protect themselves and their siblings. 
Having to introduce them to this darkness is incredibly sad, but the addition of discipling alongside it is not only beneficial to them, but for me as the parent.  
As I discuss the broken world and the predators the enemy has put in place I feel my own heart falling into the hands of my Father for wisdom and courage to fight the fear and doubts. 
Discipleship in safety gives us the open conversation to peel back the layers of something ugly and then hand it God for His wisdom on how to protect ourselves and each other so if God forbid there is ever a need to use it, we will all know how to respond. 
This world is not our home, it is a broken and fallen place. But it is here we prepare as sons and daughters, taking up our crosses and following Him! 
Safety school will continue to be a place where my kids will learn how to fight Satan on every level, and be prepared in season and out of season. 


  1. Hard stuff! Y'all are facing things right way, with His strength and power! I'm proud of y'all!


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