Winter's End

It seems cruely ironic that as I write this, the current forecast is calling for snow this coming weekend. 
But in my heart it's spring. The flowers have bloomed, the trees boast a green haze, there are shorts in our dressers, and all four kids have scrapes on their knees from playing outdoors. 
I still may find myself mourning the predicted frozen white stuff in a few days, but at least I have these...
These sunshine and blossom filled pictures of an 80 something degree day a few weeks ago on the banks of the Potomac. 
I loaded up my favorite four along with my camera and some goldfish crackers since this crew suffers from becoming hungry at the most inopportune times.
Even though I had planned out my day I had failed to take into account that spring break was that week, and oh yeah, it was also the beginning of the cherry blossom festival. 
Anyone in DC can tell you this is the perfect storm and I drove us right into the eye. Two and half hours after entering DC proper we found a parking space, thanks to God alone! 
I love this time of year and I haven't missed the blossoms yet, but I will not miss the crowds it draws and the attitudes some of them bring. 
We found ourselves a quiet little corner under a canopy of the famed pink blossoms. Little Bit was transfixed with the beauty above her. 
The boys, as always, were disappointed they couldn't pick them to create bouquets for me, but were happy to run around in the showers of petals from the wind blowing through the trees. 
I love this tradition of the kids and taking a day to merge into the chaos of millions of DC tourists for a day under the beauty of the blossoms. 
It's an adventure, but when it comes to us, could you really imagine it as anything else? :) 


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