Eleven Months Madison

In a very few short weeks we'll no longer count your age by months, but years.
A lot has happened in the past month! You finally outgrew your 6-9 month clothes!
This meant pulling out a whole new wardrobe of pink and lace and dresses and sandals in a new size and season! I'm probably more excited than you are right now, but I give you 12-16 years to join in my excitement over new clothes ;) 
You are in size three diapers, take two naps a day, nurse twice a day, and eat anytime someone offers you food, and when you find something that looks like food even if it isn't. 
You sleep 12-14 hours every night. Bless you my child! 
You have maintained your "go with the flow" personality and put up beautifully with your crazy family. You've been on riverside hikes, explored national monuments, and celebrated two of your brothers' birthdays this past month! 
You're starting to explore the world of walking and your stair climbing skills are improving faster than I'd prefer. You are a quiet mischief maker, silently emptying drawers and cabinets leaving a wake of scattered contents and giggling over being caught. 
This month you've had your first chick-fil-a, bites of birthday cake, scraped knee, black eye (fell on the corner of a table), sperry shoes, pb&j (sunflower seed butter), and slide ride at the playground. 
This month you forever became known as Madison Elizabeth, our sweet baby whose name God whispered to our hearts. We can't imagine your soft dainty self as anyone else! 
We love you more than words Madison! We are so blessed to have had almost one full year with you, our princess! I cannot wait to know you more as you continue to grow in Christ! To the months and years ahead, happy eleven months Madison! 


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