Nine Months Madison

Dear Baby Girl,
You've hit some pretty big milestone this month. 
For starters you decided to explore your crib and woke us up with your terrified screams in the middle of the night as you had climbed to standing and couldn't figure out how to get back down.
So at 1:30AM your Daddy was on his hands and knees lowering your crib bed. 
You've also taken off, literally. 
You can speed crawl anywhere your curiosity so desires landing you in predicaments of getting stuck or finding non edible snacks like Legos and brother's rock collections. 
You've also expanded your palette! You are quickly leaving purees behind and reaching for the foods we have on our plates. 
You clearly didn't come from the same cut as your brothers since you will fist fight to get bites of my sautéed spinach and roasted veggies in coconut oil. 
Another huge first we celebrated, your first ice cream! Little lady, you know what's up! You devoured that sweet goodness, crying with the final bite over the fact it was gone. Don't worry, in this family, there will be more ice cream just about the time you turn around. 
You are still a tiny thing even with your expanding appetite. You are in 6 month clothing and size 3 diapers. You spent about a week messing with your bows and pigtails, but gave that up when you realized they weren't going anywhere. 
You love chasing your brothers across the floor to get into their school work, fruit snacks, or imaginary play. They affectionally refer to you as the "baby monster" when including you in play as you attack their action figures. 
Bath time is a highlight of your day now that you can "swim" all over the tub. You splash down on your tummy and push yourself around through the water playing and shrieking in the water. 
You come and go along with our non stop schedule, tune out the chaos, and smile at the antics of your family. You are laid back and sweet beyond measure. We are so blessed to have you and we've been so blessed these nine months! We love you and the young lady you are growing to be! 


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