Half a Year Madison

Happy six months our sweet LilyMae!
With every baby, with every mother, I'm sure we all share the same astonishment over how fast this really goes.
One day you are a tiny wet infant placed into my arms and the next your a rolling, babbling, kisses giving little lady with dimples enough to melt the hardest heart.
You are definitely coming of your own. We are starting to get to know more of you and what's behind those ocean eyes of yours.
You are still very laid back, go with the flow, sleep anywhere, eat anywhere, content to find something to chew on or stare down. You could win a staring contest with your steady gaze. But once your grin cracks through there is no stopping it.
You are in size two diapers, 6-9 month clothing, nurse five times a day, sleep thirteen hours at night and take two 2-3 hour naps every day. You spoil me!
You have three big brothers in love with you, though you do like to push Wils buttons by rubbing his head with your little fingers which sends him squealing. I'd say your fitting in around here.
You love eating real food and haven't turned anything down yet. Your big brothers continue to try and share their foods with you and just this week I have rescued you from fruit snacks, animal crackers, pepperoni, and milk filled sippy cups.
You love grabbing our faces and pulling us close for a snuzzle, you love your pink monkey and sophie giraffe. You love watching your brothers play and have just started trying to sit up for a better view.
Our first half a year with you has been precious beyond words. We are so grateful God chose us to be your mom and dad and family. We have loved getting to know you and we can't wait to see you become the young lady God is growing you to be! We love you baby girl!


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