We knew this day was coming. We've been preparing since we heard "it's a boy" at our first ultrasound seven years ago.
We bought all the infant sports balls, we were given toddler basketball hoops, golf clubs, and face masks.
Matt has given his due diligence in year round sports education reviewing plays, strategies, and game plans.
And now the time has finally come...
Harrison is now an official basketball player as he'll be quick to tell anyone, and believe me he has.
Sports have officially entered our life more than just watching them on tv. We'll now be going to practices and games, cheering in the bleachers, and drills at home.
For this momma's heart, it's overwhelming to watch my oldest baby grow into being a wide eyed boy standing alone in the middle of a basketball court for tryouts.
Then to watch that little guy wait anxiously to hear if he made the team, and even more to see him whoop and holler when he got the confirmation. Practices start next week and games in January and I know my heart will swell to new levels when he puts on his jersey and steps out to play for the first time. 
We've got these four little spitfires we'll be seeing put their all out there in the name of sports. It will be a new phase of life for us. But one we've definitely been waiting for and can't wait to be these four's biggest cheerleaders.


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