Now You Know

Did you know Lego's could multiply faster than rabbits?
 Did you know water balloons take three hours to fill up and 30 seconds to be thrown and exploded?
Did you know mustard should just be embraced as a permanent accessory to little boy's t-shirts; it's not washing out.
 Did you know toothpaste could be used for wall art?
Did you know goldfish crackers make perfect hand grenades for wars over living room fort rights?
 Did you know the toy section at Target emits a homing signal only kids can hear and effectively lures them in?
 Did you know living things can be tucked inside pockets?
 Did you know the equation "the more recently a floor as been mopped is directly proportional to the size of mess that it will attract" is a home economical fact?
 Did you know your shirt will be used as a tissue?
 Did you know you will never finish a meal on your own again? 
 Did you know you could never go to a grocery store without being asked at least once on every aisle for something not on your list?
 Did you know car rides, bathrooms, waiting rooms, and libraries will never be quiet again?
Did you know how so worth it it all is? Did you know how incredibly rich life is, even though your purse will now hold fruit snacks and Iron Man band-aids? 
I do, and I love. it. all.


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