3 Month LilyMae

I can't count how many times we go out in public and I get some comment about, "You got your girl finally!.."
"You must be so happy to finally have a girl!..." "I bet you've just been trying and trying to have her!"
As much as I don't want these erroneous statements to be spewed in front of your big brothers, I don't want you to have to hear them either.
I want you to know that you are loved because you are you! Not because we were trying for a specific gender, we wanted YOU and God specially created you just for us.
You were and are just what our family needed and the past three months have only proven the perfect design God had in building our family and the fact that we needed our LilyMae.
Your bright round eyes watch every move we make from eating to laughing, to brothers wrestling and mommy exercising.
You keep a rather serious face but it's punctuated with the most rewarding, beautiful, dimpled smiles. You talk all. the. time. ALL. the. time. Loud! You rival our pastor at church, the radio, and your brothers for vocal attention.
You are in 3-6 month clothes, wear size two diapers, and have a hair accessory in every day. You just started eating cereal this month and you eat from a spoon like a pro!
But I guess if you've had three older examples of stuffing food in one's face then you probably got the hang of it well before I ever attempted to try to feed you. I have a feeling you'll be ready for more than just cereal pretty soon!
You are sleeping 12 hours at night and three naps during the day, you go with the flow, put up with crazy schedules and our family's lack of consistency. You are our precious gift and you're greatly cherished and loved! Happy three months LilyMae! 
(And yes I know she's almost four months, maybe one of these days I'll post on time :)


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