Thoughts of a Little Man

Harrison: How old is Daddy?
Me: 33
Harrison: Oh wow, that's old! Like he's almost 90! And old people usually die! Who will be my Daddy when Daddy goes to Heaven?
Me: Well, first off, Daddy is a long way from 90, I promise! And by that time, you'll probably be a husband and Daddy yourself living in your own house.
Harrison: How could that ever be?! If Daddy went to Heaven, that means you'd be all alone. I will never let that happen! I will live with you so you will always have a man to protect you!
Much to his not being able to fathom it now, I know he'll grow up and fall in love with the beautiful young lady God has made for him, one day be a Daddy, and yes, even move out of this house, his precious heart and care he's clearly learning from his incredible Daddy left me melted. I am a blessed Momma with these little men, (and their example I'm honored to be married to) in my life! 


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