Strong Wil-ed

Life is full of changes, but that's all life has been for Wilson lately. The little guy has been living life on his toes with all that's been thrown at him.
He was kicked out of his room, out of his crib, out of his favorite church nursery classroom, and out of size 2T clothes.
He's suddenly sleeping in the big boy bedroom, on a big boy bed. He'll be giving up his car seat, baby toys, and baby status.
He's losing his pudgy baby tummy, dimpled thighs, and cankles. He's gaining muscles, an intense throwing arm, a big brother promotion, and a love for incessantly singing the "ABC" song.
He's ditched Duplos for Legos, stuffed toys for Spider Man, and babble for real words. He can color without always eating the crayons, fix himself something to eat (if you count hacking into a block of cheese or a box of cereal and helping himself to it.)
The changes are flying hard at this guy, but I'm beyond impressed with the grace and integrity with which he deals with it. Other than crashing hard at random points during the day for a quick cat nap, he's laughing his way through and excitedly bracing for the next one. I'm proud of my sweet growing guy, but no matter how big he gets, just like the rest of his brothers, he'll always be my baby.


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