Face to Face

"Mommy, can we please go back to Bethlehem?" 
Jefferson's question had me momentarily scanning every bit of recent past, trivia, school lessons, movies watched, jokes, road trips, etc., to obtain some hint of where his mind was going with this.
Nothing, I got nothing. 
"Bethleham?" I asked. 
"Yeah, the cold one we were at with taxes and shepherds."
Finally we were on the same page! He was remembering our December trip to a live, walk through Bethlehem experience.
"I'm so glad you had a good time when we went, but it's closed until next Christmas Buddy."
"But Mommy, I really want to go right now!" 
"Why do you want to go so bad right now?"
"I just really need to see Jesus."
His passion bought tears to my eyes. My little boy had a burning desire to see Jesus and the nativity was where that came alive for him, picturing Jesus on Earth, and he was drawn. Just like those children 2000 years ago were drawn to Jesus' arms so was he, in an unexplainable love for his Savior. 
When's the last time you were overcome with a deep desire to just see Jesus? Is your childlike faith excitedly longing for the day we'll finally see Him, face to face?!


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