Snow Day

Last week we woke up to excited shrieks coming from the boys' room.
Harrison's morning routine after waking up is to open the blinds and report the day's weather.
So once he caught a glimpse of the piles of icy white, sleeping time was over for the entire house.
We were rushed by giddy boys making their plans to take full advantage of the winter wonderland.
My plans involved extra down blanketed layers of clothing and multiple cups of hot coffee.
But how can you resist three sets of handsome blue eyes begging for snow day fun?
I definitely wasn't paying attention to the weather, so I had no idea the snow was coming, but ignorance is bliss.
Once the world is covered in white it's pointless to fight my anti-winter'ness and just go with it.
So for the next 45 minutes we got everyone bundled in their 18 layers of snow gear and then headed out for sledding, hiking through the woods, and snowball fights.
But then Wilson hit his winter limit. This kid is definitely mine. He was done. Done with cold, done with numb fingers, and done with the 18 layers surrounding his summer loving self.
So while the boys continued to track animal prints through the snowy woods, intent on finding a bear, Wils and I headed inside to lick our hypothermia wounds. 
Our snow day wrapped up with board games in front of the fire and mugs of hot chocolate. I guess if it has to be winter it was a pretty great way to spend a snow day, but the countdown for summertime is on! :)


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