Discipling Soldiers

Bedtime always seems the favored time for our boys to raise deep theological discussions. Maybe it's a bedtime stalling technique, maybe fatigue leads to deep pondering, but those bedtime talks lead to all of us learning a little more.
Last week Harrison had some heavy "end of times" questions while snuggling into his covers. "Can I be there when God defeats Satan forever?...Can I help fight in that battle?...That will be the best battle ever because God wins forever, and I want to be there with Him when He does!"
His chain of thought was precious yet grave in a mix of confusing emotions for my momma heart. I've wiped their tears, put bandaids on their cuts, kissed scraped knees, and soothed broken hearts.
I spend my waking hours (which are waaaaayyy more than my sleeping hours) to make sure they are protected and well. Yet I've prayed for them, myself, our family, a life otherwise.
We've chosen to give these precious boys to God and our family over to His will and ways. We've established ourselves as an enemy to this world and the powers in it. We are discipling soldiers, front line fighters, and battle is inevitable. 
We've taken God's side and the lines have been drawn. Choosing Christ is not the easy choice, it's not a free walk, it's choosing to live as a marked enemy of this world. We reminded our "soldier" that he's already engaged in a great battle even now, every day.
We talked about the temptations he fights, the bad dreams he rebukes, the persecution of Christians we pray for, all battles we daily engage in.
"For our war is not against flesh and blood, but against rulers, against authorities, and against the powers of this dark world..." (Ephesians 6:12)
Discipling soldiers is heavy work, but in the heat of battle I pray they will be ready to stand firm.
Life is precious and sweet, but there is a contrast we cannot see and even more, we cannot ignore. Living this life ignorant of the war waging unseen is not living. We know the end, we win, God wins, but we aren't there yet. There are more soldiers to train and disciple, more battles to conquer for these little souls, and more days to disciple mighty men who long to battle alongside their Heavenly Father.


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