Lava Jumpers

I love the outdoors. I live and breath wide open spaces,warm sunshine, and going barefoot.
But y'all know how much I just don't do cold, at all. And since we're right in the prime of winter, we stay inside to ward off hypothermia.
Don't feel too bad for the boys. They're cut from the same genetic cloth I am and hate being cold and numb as much as I do.
So we make being stuck indoors work somehow. We pull up picture albums of past beach trips, we make smoothies that taste like summertime, and we look for creative ways to get out energy.
And when I say "creative" I mean any ways that don't involve risking life or limb, a specialty of my boys.
So after being the party pooper of the their "bike down the stairs" idea, I came up with a "jumping over the lava" idea and somewhat redeemed some cool mom points.
Hours of lava jumping, crashing, flying, rolling, and flipping left three little men worn out, happy, and thankfully forgetful of their bike and stairs combo.
But even with our couch jungle gym, I'm looking forward to jumping "lava" outside very soon!


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