Static Noise of Parenthood

"You blink, you'll miss it. They'll be grown and gone."
I probably hear it ten times a day from well meaning strangers. And every time I feel my heart squeeze in the thought of my boys heading into the world as men with facial hair, deep voices, and dreams to conquer and achieve.
The precious little time I actually have with these guys sometimes gets overlooked amidst the piles of dirty laundry, the broken dishes, and marker on the walls.
But then when I look at my oldest man and realize he's 5 going on 15, I panic. Am I teaching him everything I should?
Am I going to wake up to an adult and realize I totally overlooked something I wish I had done, taught, instructed, instilled?
Have I read enough parenting books, taken enough parenting Bible studies, talked to enough experienced parents?
 The answer? Probably too many. 
Articles and blogs say "teach to share...don't make them share too much...obey with a happy heart...don't make them obey without freedom to express their feelings...feed them non-gmo and organic...let them eat childhood classics..."
And all the resources, ideas, opinions, and studies are just noise. I'm not an expert. Only five years into this parenthood thing, I'm quite the novice; but I've learned this - glean what you may from all sources, but there's only one that calms this momma's heart, brings peace to the unknown, and finds no greater joy...
...To daily ask God for wisdom. He'll give it.
 One day I'm sure I'll look back and wish I had done something different, but I'll never regret the time I've spent praying, growing, and chasing after God alongside these little men. 
The time will fly, it already is. So thankful the Creator who knitted them in secret will freely give wisdom to guide them into manhood.


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