The "Summer-Killer" Plague

I used to roll my eyes at "tummy bugs".
Innocent little viruses that come and leave within hours, and rarely effected our household...if ever.
At most you eat a few saltines, sip some ginger ail, and get to watch some extra tv. Over and done.
But then the "Summer-Killer" plague of '14 rolled through.
This was no ordinary "tummy bug". It didn't just involve a change of sheets, an extra load of laundry, or even a toilet scrubbing.
This involved knocking you clear off your feet, leaving you suffering with whiplash, vertigo, and amnesia; only sorta kidding.
The plague didn't just affect tummy, it made sure it toured every part of your being from scalp to toes while distributing parting gifts of fever and chills.
And it made sure you could not leave a horizontal position...ever. It wore out its welcome with almost a weeks worth of immune system stomping dance parties.
I've had debilitating migraines since childhood, been through natural unmedicated childbirth three times, had stitches, surgeries, car accidents, and sports injuries and nothing, I repeat, nothing, compared to the "Summer Killer".
Beware people, it's out there, it's 
But now that our summer had to take a little pause while we did those loads of laundry, sheet changes, and bathroom cleanings, it's time to jump back in full swing...

Hiking, splash parks, popsicles, lightening bugs, knee scrapes, baseball, playgrounds, slip 'n slides, watermelon, bare feet, wave jumping, bug catching, mud splashing, sprinkler we come!


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