Real Men

You don't have to look far to find the erosion of manhood. TV commercials portray men as bumbling idiots incapable of pouring themselves a glass of milk or lacking competence to choose the correct toilet paper. Men have become targets of a society vehemently protecting lifestyle choices and animals' rights, but completely comfortable with the debasing of men.

The message of failure, imperfection, not good enough, and try again stupid, is blasted loud and clear in messages and commercials cushioned with comedy. But the fluff doesn't soften the blows it can have on the art of manhood.

So how do we fight the lies our culture dumps over the heads of our little men? It starts with examples. Examples of men who rise above labels and excuses. Men who know the best form of leadership is not out front but beside. Men who know manliness is worth fighting for and protecting under the current attacks on it. 

Matt is our man. He stands tall and strong and yet has hands gentle enough to cradle newborns and bandaid cuts. He can wield his pen, creating firestorms in liberal agendas, but he can wield a light-saber with a 5 year old just as well. He can build, create, cook, clean, wrestle, tell stories, wipe tears, fight bad guys, hammer, saw, dig, play ball, and even correctly choose the right brand of paper towels. 

The example my boys have in their Daddy is how I know they won't be bothered with society's attacks on manhood. Under his leadership they can jump-start a car, build a fence, hammer nails, replace brake lights, shovel snow, preform feats of strength, catch a baseball, tithe, talk to God, mow the grass, bring a girl flowers, change batteries, and fully embrace the master design of their being created in His image.

Thank you Matt, for being the man to take charge and throw back the cover the world tries to wrap manhood in. As the mother of your boys I am in awe watching the way you raise leaders and conquerors for Christ. And as your wife, I am blessed to be the girl in your manly arms as you never fail to save the day. 

Happy Birthday and Happy Father's Day!


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