On Why I Could Care Less About College

There's a huge problem within the church right now. Correction, there are a lot of problems in the church right now. But the one I'm going to talk about has to do with the warfare over our children.
Parents line up in spades to arm their children with piano skills, soccer teams, Ivy League feeder preschools, and designer jeans. The obsession to prepare their child for the best future possible is the blinding force behind sign-ups, deadlines, waiting lists, and stress.
But the wrong "future" is given the emphasis in this current clash of culture and the church. We do everything to secure a "Best and Brightest" standing for our children and fail to train, prepare, arm, and engage in a very real war being fought for the eternity of these little souls.
There is an enemy working in the distractions and chaos. His purpose is to steal, kill, and destroy. In case you didn't pick up on the severity of his mission...Steal, Kill, and Destroy.
Steal- our little one's innocence, passion, childlike faith, trust, sure footing, joy, peace, contentment, purity, excitement, happiness, their future, their eternity.
Kill- their relationships with parents and family, with God, their dreams, hopes, happiness, trust, lives.
Destroy- body, mind, soul, courage, boldness, instruction, knowledge, faith, life.
It's time we, the Church, stop acting like the only thing we have to prepare our kids for is Grad School, and start arming them with the weapons to fight a very real enemy out to own their eternity. We're their protectors, the stewards of these souls God handcrafted in secret.
There's nothing wrong to give our children the best chance at this life on Earth. But if we fail to also fight even more so for their eternal life in the Kingdom of God what good did Latin in Pre-K accomplish? 
Stop worrying about which colleges you want to line your kid up for and start laying foundations in a defensive strategy the enemy can't penetrate.
 In the coming weeks I'll be writing about some practical ways to arm these young hearts and minds and fight against the one seeking to steal, kill, and destroy.


  1. Just to correct your grammar, it should say "Why I couldn't care less..." And i agree with you completely. I homeschooled my son and never encouraged him to go to college. We also refused to pay for it if he went and my stepdaughter had to pay for her own way. Even though my son is trapped in some wordly pits at the moment, I know that he is saved and I will see him on the other side. He knows truth in his heart. My stepdaughter has chosen to embrace the lies she learned in public schools and college. I am saddened that as of now, I will not see her in eternity.

    1. While I appreciate your concern for my grammar, the title is just as I intended it. I encourage you to go back and read it with the way I worded it in mind. While I understand your sentiment towards public schooling and secular colleges my point was not against education but the misprioritization of Christian parents living with a temporal mindset instead of an eternal focus in regards to the training of our children. I challenge you to live out an unconditional love for your children, no matter their ages or choices. Stay on your knees, stay grounded in the truth, and live out loud the grace and love freely given by our Heavenly Father towards the souls you were entrusted as steward. As we pray over and train these children and God captures our hearts in our parenting goals we soon realize, why we could care less...and less...and less about things like college choices, job pursuits, etc, and more about the eternal and things unseen.


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