Mr. Man

You crack me up kid. You love Dr. Suess and C.S. Lewis, and that pretty much sums up your personality. I have no idea what jaw dropping stunt you'll attempt or what's coming out of your mouth next. One minute you are quite profound attempting to explain deep theological issues, the next you are rhyming about bodily functions and imaginary creatures.
Last week you stopped a elderly lady in the store and asked her why she needed a cane and what happened to her. At first I apologized for your forwardness, but she shushed me off and answered everyone of your questions and said she enjoyed talking to you. You made her day by giving her your concern and attention.
But then there was the man with the long ponytail you boldly approached. "Man, why do you have girl hair?!" We'll be working on tact and discernment. You always have a different answer to give when someone asks your name. Lately you have identified yourself as Captain America, Iron Man, Luke Skywalker, Batman, Superman, and Pirate.
You have got a style all your own. You prefer blazers and loafers and love "dressing up nice." Though you are never one to pass up an opportunity to wear your jersey and "sword jeans" (also known as carpenter jeans with the loop.) This way you can carry a sword, strap on your cape, a Darth Vader mask, and a sheriff badge.
You are into "cooking" with me and are quite experimental. You've created all kinds of um, interesting meals. This morning you helped yourself to a pepperoni, bacon, and coffee bean sandwich. You love ordering for yourself at restaurants. You usually leave a pretty amused wait staff behind once we leave.
You cannot wait to "be as big as Daddy!" You daily check your arms and legs for man hair like Daddy has. You "shave" your beard every morning and look forward to being bigger than Mommy one day. You are quite the little man and I'm loving every day I'm blessed to spend with you!


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