Baby Talk

One of the most fun things about Baby 3 so far is that Harrison is older and more aware about it than he was with Jefferson.
This has been eye opening if not entertaining to see pregnancy, morning sickness, and babies through the eyes of a three year old. Baby 3 has created some comical quips around here.
When we first told Harrison the news of a coming new sibling he furrowed his brow and said, "Nah, I think we don't need another baby around here." Matt told him that God chose him to be the big brother and the leader to which he asked, "I'm in charge? Well then, we should have A LOT more kids!"
He's also been very helpful in suggesting names for his new sibling. So far his choices have included Poopy Head, Chicken Head, and Sculley...go figure. He has had sympathy morning sickness and cravings. The other day he just had to have a corn dog right then!
He will occasionally check in with me to make sure there is indeed a baby in my tummy since there is no baby bump yet and I assure him my belly will grow as the baby does. He informs me his tummy will be growing too because he has a storm trooper baby in his belly. This pregnancy is sure to have a whole new fun factor with the biggest brother giving us his take on it!


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