One Of The Guys

He may only weigh 28 pounds and would prefer to live off goldfish crackers and ice tea, but this little boy is a man in the making. Matt and I knew having a son placed a responsibility on us to raise a man, a future leader, a future provider, and protector. His God-given man drive to conquer, problem solve, and achieve has been a blessing to watch. He jumps right in there with the men to figure out what is going on and how to help. His age and size has not stood in his way as we wants to figure out how to make things happen or come along side the men to conquer goals. We don't use phrases like, "You're too small," or, "You can't help until your bigger."
With his ingrain passion to be a hard working man, why quell that? When he wants to be a part of the man chores Matt will assign him a task maybe slightly larger than his 28lb self and watch his little man figure out how to achieve it.
The logs may have been "heaby" (heavy), the wheel barrow may have been "up dare" (too high), but the look on his face after conquering his task was priceless. And the character he is building as a man in training will only grow and develop as God works in his heart.


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