Mouth Medicine

Harrison has had quite a rough month when it comes to all things doctor related. After countless visits to the pediatrician, four antibiotics, three antibiotic shots, x-rays, tests, and poking and prodding, Harrison has just had an unresolved ear infection. So later today we are off to the ENT in hopes to fix these yucky ears once and for all. In the meantime all that backed up ear fluid has caused an array of other issues. One of which has been wheezing; but that's ok because Harrison loves his medicine for it! He calls his nebulizer and mask his mouth medicine and let's just say he thinks he is something sitting there getting his treatment. I'm really proud of our guy and how brave he has been through all this!


  1. Reagan had to be on a nebulizer last month. She hated it! Hope he feels better soon!

  2. We love you Harrison. Hang in there buddy! Lots of prayers for you.


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