2 Week Check-Up

Harrison had his two week check-up! He has already grown so much! He did not like his check-up very much though. We have a very opinionated little guy! He was ok with some of the measurements, but when the doctor came in to look in his eyes and ears and check his joints, etc., he screamed! We had another milestone while at his two week check- Harrison's cord fell off while getting him undressed to get his weight! We can hardly believe our guy is two weeks old already! He's growing fast!
I'm 19 7/8" long! I was 18" at birth.

I was only 6lbs. 11oz. last week; but now I am 8lbs. 4.5oz.!

Today I helped my Daddy work on his resume. I tried to convince him that having me qualified for a valid resume entry!

Playing basketball with Daddy!

Slam dunk! I can get more hang time than Michael Jordan!

Now after playing hard with Daddy I get to relax with my Mommy.


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