Valentine's Weekend

This has been one fun weekend! Matt and I enjoyed every last minute of it. This is our last Valentine's without children, but you know what? We can't wait to celebrate this day with our children! Maybe I'm unrealistic, but I want to make heart shape pancakes for our kids, and decorate cookies and get messy with the icing and take them to daddy's work. Things like like that.

This year we went to a local butcher shop and bought a wonderful London broil and Matt grilled it. We had salad and fresh bread. It was so much nicer to be at home and enjoy our own fun dinner without the crowds and waiting. My wonderful husband also surprised me with beautiful flowers! I am so blessed to have Matt as my husband!
Also, as I promised, this is today- Week 33!!! See how big Harrison has gotten? Only 7 weeks to go and I can hardly believe it! We also got Harrison's pack 'n play delivered this week. So we had to set it up and oooh and ahh over how cute and what it will be like to lay our baby in it very soon. We are having way too much fun!


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