And Getting Bigger!

If you thought I had grown a lot in the last picture, you should see me now. I promise I will take pictures to post soon of my rapidly expanding belly. Harrison is growing so fast! It has been a blast the bigger he gets because we can now see different body parts very clearly as he kicks and tumbles around in his cramped quarters.

My midwife appointment went great as we found out that Harrison is head down! This is awesome news except that his precious little feet stay at my ribs and he uses them for leg push-ups! :) Somehow I don't mind though. My midwife also released me from all bed rest restrictions so I have been back to driving and going places again. Who would have thought simple errands would be so neat! It has been a blast!

This last part of pregnancy seems to be flying by so quickly. It is fun to be getting the last few things for Harrison that we need here and there, and some things we don't need, but are just too cute to pass up! Matt wanted to have some fun with our Target registry because he wanted to be able to use the scanner gun. What a guy. So we went to Target the other night and Matt went to town adding items and debating about what qualifies as a registry item. Of course being the sports minded man he is he took the gun off to the toy department where he registered for Harrison's first golf club! I love Matt so much! He is already such an incredible father and Harrison is not even born yet. But I can tell they already have a special bond. I look forward to seeing them interact.

Well, other than my tummy growing out really fast, I don't have any of the horrible end of pregnancy symptoms I had been warned about from friends. No swelling anywhere, no back aches, no heartburn, I can still shave my legs and tie my shoes, and I still have plenty of energy- yep, I am back to fast walking a few miles every day and pilates. Oh, new craving- rainbow sherbet! So good! That has become a daily treat!

So far I feel really blessed to have gone through such an amazing pregnancy. Everything has been designed in God's plan and I can't begin to describe the wonderful peace we feel in preparing for Harrison's birth. Only 7 1/2 more weeks until the due date and Matt and I can hardly wait until our arms are holding him!


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