Third Trimester

I can hardly believe we have made it through our first full week of the third trimester and are now on the end stretch of this pregnancy! Matt and I can hardly contain our excitement as we count down the remaining weeks and plan the little details of things we need to get and prepare before Harrison arrives!
As of this point I am still on bed rest, but Harrison is doing great and growing fast! This picture is me at 28 weeks and you can see Harrison is starting to grow out now! He is so active and his kicks are getting more intense and frequent as he plays and lets us know he is doing great. He loves hearing his daddy and gets so active when Matt talks to him and pokes on my belly. I am still craving red meat, which still just blows me away since I would never even eat the stuff before I was pregnant. But just over the past few weeks I have had burgers, roast, Fillet Mignon, London broil, and several ground beef dishes. I just can't get enough! I also can't get my fill of fresh veggies and fruit! This little guy is going to come out so healthy and with big muscles!

So tomorrow I have my follow up midwife appointment and will have one every 2 weeks for awhile until 35 weeks at which point I will go weekly. I still can't seem to get my mind around the fact at how fast this is going by and how soon we will hold our little man!


  1. Dear Matt, Megan and Harrison,

    I love your blog, photos and scriptures! How cool to have your own website.... not sure I know any people personally who have one before now.
    Keep "kickin" and growning strong.
    You all are in my prayers!
    Laura Wayland


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