30 Weeks!

We are officially headed into the final ten weeks now! It is so amazing how fast it is going by! I can't even begin to describe our excitement about being able to meet our Harrison soon. Matt and I keep talking about how much we are ready now to just see him and hold him and get to know him. These ultrasound pictures are from last month at the start of my preterm labor. It is amazing how perfect and handsome he is!

Great news! I am off bed rest!!! Last week at my follow-up appointment everything looked great so my midwife wanted me to get up and get moving with some restrictions. It has been so nice to get things done around the house and get ready for Harrison! I've washed his clothes, and filled his dresser, organized his room- it is so much fun! Grandpa and Grandma Clark bought Harrison his crib this past week too! I will post some pictures of that next time. It is amazing!!! Harrison is so blessed and I know will love sleeping in his perfect crib! His room looks almost ready for him.

I also just couldn't help myself! My mom and sisters came to visit and we hit the outlet mall to do some shopping! It is just too much fun to buy little man outfits! He is going to be such a handsome guy! He will be just as styled and dashing as his dad in his cords, sweater vests and pullovers, button down dress shirts, polos, and khakis. I can hardly wait to see my little man all dressed up!


  1. I am glad to hear you are able to get up and move around now! I am sure you are loving it! Love the ultrasound pictures of your little guy...I still go back and look at Jaydens every so often. Just so amazing. Praying for all 3 of you :)


  2. Thanks so much for your prayers! We are loving every minute of it so far and counting down the weeks until we get to meet Harrison face to face!


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