Our Baby Boy

Ok, if you couldn't tell, we are absolutely beside ourselves with giddiness over our news! Matt is head over heals about having his little boy. We just spent the morning out shopping and could hardly contain ourselves as we looked at boy clothes and wandered up and down the boy toy aisles. Matt was picking up footballs, baseball bats, matchbox cars, and Tonka trucks talking about how he would teach our son to play with and use it, etc. He was so cute and he is so in love with his son. I just love having my men!!! I feel so spoiled already as Matt talks about how he will teach our son about taking care of his mommy! I think I'm in love with my little boy already! While we were out we couldn't resist buying something for our little guy! We took some pictures so you can join in our excitement. Who knew buying onesies could be so much fun! Also, my husband couldn't resist and bought his son his first football! It's actually a Redskin ornament that is plush, but it is so perfect! Now our son gets to have an ornament on our tree this year! Can you feel our excitement?! :)
I have to comment about the whole ultra sound experience yesterday! It was the most incredible sight seeing our little boy punch and kick around on the screen! He was so animated and inquisitive. He kept following the ultra sound wand around my tummy. The tech would try to change views and he would flip around trying to follow it; you could see his little face watching, it was just so amazing! Of course the large amounts of orange juice I downed right before the visit probably gave him his surge of energy to show off for the camera, but it was so much fun! Afterwards we went to celebrate our little boy at one of our favorite restaurants in the area. It is a special place because we always went there when we had something to celebrate or something big took place in our lives. So we couldn't think of a better thing to do than to take our "son" to dinner to celebrate!

We are currently on the search for names for this little man and as soon as we feel a peace about who this blessing is, we will be announcing his name! We are having so much fun looking at all the boy names and meanings. It has actually been very neat to do together.

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone! Matt and I agree that this year we feel a little extra space of thankful in our hearts! :) We pray God's wonderful blessings on you this Thanksgiving!


  1. Orange Juice works every time!! This sounds so familiar..Luke always had o rush somewhere for my cravings too. Its Williamsburg I tell ya ;)hehe

    Im so excited for you both! I loved blogging about my pregnancy as well..its fun to look back on! i cant wait to read your blog now so I can see how you are doing from across the water. Have a blessed week and you are in my prayers as well. God bless all 3 of you!

  2. Congratulations you two, I dont know how we missed this news of yall being pregnant. We are excited for you and the thoughts of a little boy! Our prayers are with you.


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