IT'S A . . .

Being knit inside where you cannot see

God's design is being made perfect in me

Formed in secret, molded to His ways

My life shouts forth my Maker's praise

One part my Mommy, one part my Dad

I equal the shared love they have

I'm growing, kicking, I hear your voice

Just wait, one day I'll add to the noise!

I can't wait for my birthday when we get to meet

Count the fingers on my hands and the toes on my feet

I know you're all wondering, "think pink?" or "think blue?"

Now I'm ready to tell that special secret to you

I decided to cooperate to announce to the world . . .

Congratulations!!! GO BLUE!
We're having a BOY!!!!!!

I'm 13 ounces and 11 inches long! I'm already a big boy!

Message from Matt and Meg-
We love you all and thank you for sharing in our joy and prayers for our SON!!! We are ecstatic! We have had a rush of emotions this afternoon and between laughter and tears of joy we are letting it sink in that he have a handsome little man on the way! We love you all and can't wait to hear your reactions!

Love Matt, Meg, and baby BOY Clark!!!


  1. OH MY GOODNESS! Our little Grandson! We cant wait to welcome you here. To see the way you were knit and formed! We love you already!

  2. Congratulations! Boys are wonderful! I am excited for the Wilson grandparents, too! It will be fun to shop for some boy clothes! Love to each of you!


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