Yesterday was such an incredible day! Matt and I woke up and went to Starbucks. Don't worry, I had oatmeal and a steamed milk- no coffee. It is always fun to go on breakfast dates. Then we drove in the rain to our midwife appointment 45 minutes away. It was our first appointment at the birthing center. It was really neat to be where our baby will be born. We spent a long time with the midwife talking about everything from cereal to back pain, to shopping. She was really nice and very informative. We both really love how much they include Matt in everything. He asks questions and they ask him questions like how he is doing etc. That makes me feel good to see him getting more and more comfortable with the details of pregnancy.

After talking for awhile the midwife said, "Ok, let's listen to your baby!" Before I knew it I was up on the table as she put a doppler on my tummy. It wasn't 2 seconds before we heard an echo, then loud rhythmic whooshing beats! It was the most incredible sound we've ever heard! Matt came over to get a closer look and we both had huge smiles plastered across our faces. As we were listening to the perfect beating we heard these loud pops every few seconds. The midwife explained those noises were the baby kicking! The baby kicked at least six time in the next 20 seconds! Matt said, "We already have a hyperactive child!" The midwife smiled and agreed our baby was very active and very healthy! Those first sounds of our growing baby brought tears to our eyes and it had to be the most wonderful sound we've ever heard!

Oh, two other things I found out at the appointment. First the bad news, my midwife says I need to eat less cereal. She says the more you break down a food from its original form and reform it from a powder into a new shape like a flake or puff, it loses huge nutritional value. This was hard news because raisin bran cereal has been my staple for weeks now! She explained I was feeding the baby food high on the glycemic index and need to focus on food with high protein content and complex carbs. So, I have to back off the cereal. As for the good news! She said since I am now healthy into my second trimester it is perfectly fine to have a frappuccinno! This was such good news since I have not one since May! I can't wait to have a few sips of my favorite treat every now and then! She explained that minimal caffeine really is ok. I have to laugh at myself for being so excited about going to Starbucks!

I can't believe we are already at the second trimester mark! This week we get to go visit family and I am very excited about that! We have not seen our families in six weeks now, so it is much needed! We feel so blessed that our baby will have the most amazing grandparents, aunts, and uncle in the world. We can't wait to introduce our baby to everyone for the first time- only 27 more weeks!


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