Beds, Baby Bump, and Beef

This week we were very blessed to be given an amazing bedroom! We now have a beautiful brand new bed, dresser, bedside tables, and mattress! It is a gorgeous cherry wood and just looks amazing! Plus now going into the part of pregnancy when my belly will be growing the new mattress will really feel good on my back. We feel so blessed. It was great timing too because there have been a few very rough morning ( all day) sickness this week, so I had a very comfortable place to stay!
Speaking of growing bellies, mine is! It really was all of a sudden, one morning I just woke up and Matt said, " I see our baby!" It is just a tiny round bubble, but just enough to make my jeans protest. Matt loves talking to our baby and I love just rubbing my tummy. Even though it is still very small now just seeing a little bump at least makes it seem more real! It is hard to believe our baby is almost two inches long, the size of a plum, and is moving, kicking, swallowing, and already using its vocal cords to make vibrations! How amazing is that!

Ok, so I really like cereal right now, but what I really want is beef! Now if you know me, I do not eat beef, I do not like beef- but I find myself wanting to eat spaghetti, burgers, and other ground beef meals! You know something I really want is my Mamaw's roast and potatoes! Growing up that was not one of my favorite dinner meals, but now all I want is her amazing roast! I guess the baby has a thing for beef right now!


  1. Make sure you keep taking picture in the same spot the same way. It looks great when you put them next to eachother. You see how the baby and you grow. Good luck with everything!!! Are you going to find out the sex of the baby? My friend just found out she is having a boy.


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