10 Year Birthday Interview

Ok Harrison, ready for your birthday interview?
Yes! I love this part! Can I compare my answers to last year's?
Not until after you answer them for this year.
Aw man!

What's your favorite color: Yellow, like a gold color yellow but yellow in general
What's your favorite thing to play: Legos, all Legos but the Millennium Falcon and my X-wings are my favorites right now, and transformers 

What's your favorite movie: Star Wars, all of them, Avengers, all of them, and Transformers, all of them
What's your favorite thing to eat for lunch: Subs, with pepperoni, vinegar and salt

What is your favorite thing to wear: My camo shirt! It's the most comfortable thing ever! (As modeled in these pics)
What is your favorite thing to play outside: Practice shooting my bow and arrows and riding my bike

What is your favorite holiday: Birthday and Christmas, because well, I love opening presents and I love celebrating Jesus' birthday. Christmas has the best traditions and those are my favorite!

Who is your best friend: Jaden and Jeff and all my brothers and sister and my whole family
What is your favorite thing to sleep with: My airplane and I love my big pile of stuffed animals

What is your favorite thing to eat for breakfast: breakfast sandwiches, hole-in-ones, and fried eggs
What is your birthday meal: Prime filet I got to help pick out at the butchers, salmon, green beans, rolls, and the cake I got to design

What do you want to be when you grow up: I want to invent stuff and be like a real Tony Stark. I want to create a real iron armor suit our soldiers could wear to keep them safe. I want to design LEGO sets, and I want to write and direct movies. I have so many ideas!

What is your favorite TV show: Star Wars Rebels
What is your favorite fruit: Peaches 

What is your favorite song: Angel Armies, that one always has been and always will be one of my favorites. I also like any Toby Mac song, and the Hamilton songs! Oh and soundtracks. I love listening to soundtracks like to Lord of the Rings, Transformers, all those kinds with no words, just the scores. 

What is your favorite animal: Sharks, and one day I'm going to swim with them!
What is your favorite drink: Mt. Dew
Have you had Mt. Dew?
Like once and maybe it was a Mt. Dew Slurpee, but I loved it!

What is your favorite book: I have so many; I've got the huge stack by my bed! But if I had to choose one I could keep reading and not get very bored I'd choose my books about the Lego Star Wars. 

What is your favorite special treat: I like hard candies, like not chewy or chocolatey candy, I mean those are ok, but my favorites are like the hard square things (jolly ranchers), and candy canes are awesome! Oh and pop rocks!

What is your favorite Bible verse: Leviticus 26:6 because God always brings peace. 

Happy 10th year sweet man! We love you! 


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